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Some things in life are not that simple, but when it comes to online marketing  and dynamic website elements it can be as systematic as the low tide following the high.  Similar to growing an organic garden, a website needs daily maintenance with proven strategies and natural competitive advantages to succeed and surpass its competitors.


1.) It all starts with a good website.  A good website is your foundation, similar to the soil in your garden. It needs to have a good base, design and elements required to supply nutrients so that everything can grow. Whether you need a Static Website or Dynamic Website will be determined by your companies needs and areas for growth. Without a good foundation, all other Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing  tactics will be a waste of time with no place to take root.


2.) Once you have a good foundation, you can start planning how to market your website. In other words, deciding what type of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) techniques will be best to get your business and website recognized world wide. Having a successful marketing plan will keep your business site ranked on the 1st page of the top search engines for years to come. This is important because more than 55 percent of all Internet purchases begin with a search engine, but 93 percent of these consumers do not look past the first two pages of search engine results. Thirty-three percent of users think that if a company has a top ranking on a search engine, it is a leader in its field. SEM is like the plants in your garden with its roots starting in your website, and its branches  reaching into all different spaces and searches throughout the Internet.

3.) After your website is developed, and your SEM techniques are implemented, you need to daily maintain and update your website for it to continue its growth. Search engines like Google and Yahoo have Search Robots that play a similar role to the sun and moon. If everything is in place in your website, they will naturally help you grow. Just like your garden will not survive without  sun and water, your website will not survive without updates. Only a small number of companies in business today are able to be successful if they do not update their websites regularly. It is our opinion that most successful companies are always changing with the trends in their prospective industry. In order to stay on top, a number of these companies employ our complete website maintenance service to adjust to the times.

GROW “…  the most rewarding thing about setting up a website for a customer is watching it grow, but I know for them it is reaping the harvest.” System Analyst

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