Inbound Marketing in 2014

Recognize New SEO

2013 changed the way the traditional SEO game is played.

Google is continuing to re-write the rules when it comes to online searches and indexing quality content on the top of their related keyword searches. This means that you should avoid getting wrapped up in keyword research, and drive your marketing efforts more towards increasing organic traffic, lead nurturing, and growing their reach.

Consider your titles. You want to create content that is unique, informative, and shareable. Consider the value of “How-To” titles, as they are designed to answer the questions presented by your personas.

Focus & Stay Agile

It is important not to put all of your eggs into one basket. Having the agility to make decisions and act on them quickly will help you take advantage of opportunities as and when they arise, helping you to win more business.

How your business reacts to news events and other media-related opportunities, social media activity and general sentiment towards your brand (and your competitors) will make a huge difference to how your business is perceived.

Work on Content

Consistent, helpful articles have the ability to shape the success of your content strategy.

Before you sit down to start hacking away at another article, consider the question you are trying to answer. Your content should serve as a solution to your buyer persona’s problems.

The more informative content you pump out, the more likely your audience will be to return to your website.

Additionally, if a visitor recognizes your article as purposeful, they may bookmark it and return to it in the future as a reference. In other words, producing the right content allows you to increase its shelf-life.

Get Responsive

Each year more people are viewing websites via their mobile or other hand held devices. 2014 is the year to get responsive.

Whether it’s email or websites – you need to be responsive. Make sure your virtual salesperson (i.e. your company website) responds to whatever type of device your web visitors are using to view your site. Don’t make your website hard – your visitors will leave, quickly.

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