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A well developed website allows you to build your brand,  provide product information to encourage sales, sell products or services directly over the Internet, provide a better service to your existing and potential client base market nationally and globally 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year.

It is true that the modern day home and commercial real estate investments are almost a thing of the past. Today all the hot pieces of property are found on the Web. Investors are taking their money out of a crumbling real estate market and investing it into web markets online. The modern day construction worker and home builder no longer drive pick-up trucks and wear hard hats, but drink latte’s and work from their personal computers.  Today builders and trades men are your  IT guys and web developers.

If this is hard for you to understand than think of Apple and their ITUNES store. When you want new music you no longer drive to  a mall, circle around a few times for parking then try to avoid contact with the crowds of people until you find the ITUNES store. No, instead you turn on your computer, type ITUNES or Muisc Store into your Google Browser, a couple of clicks on your mouse and you are there. Location, Location, Location no longer refers to a place you can find on a map. But where your business is located on the internet, what page are you located on, and  how much time your potential customers need to spend to locate you. You see there is no ITUNES brick and motor chain of stores, no more pimply sales clerks to put up with. These are things of the past. Now people from all around the world come to the same place to find your business, the internet.

Your website is your heavy artillery. It is your most powerful marketing and advertising tool; it works for you every minute of every day. Today, the web is the main media used by consumers when starting their buying process. You want to be considered as a potential destination for consumers and that’s why your website is so important today. By being successful online, you greatly increase your chances of being successful in business.

Only a small number of companies in business today are able to be successful if they do not update their websites regularly. It is our opinion that most successful companies are always changing with the trends in their prospective industry. In order to stay on top, a number of these companies employ our complete website maintenance service to adjust to the times. For this reason Systematic Startup offers Website maintenance as a service to both new and existing clients.

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