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100 Modern Artist Prompts for Midjourney

The world of modern art has witnessed an unprecedented rise in the past few decades, with street art, graphic design, and contemporary poster art at the forefront of this movement. These art forms have emerged as a cultural force to be reckoned with, redefining our very notions of beauty, aesthetics, and creativity. Through bold murals, […]

Does your business need a full-stack marketer?

Full-stack marketing was a term first coined a few years backĀ referringĀ to someone that has a full range of digital marketing skills. Not to be mistaken as a digital marketing specialist who specializes in one specific field like SEO, PPC or marketing automation. The full-stack marketer fills an all-in-one type of digital customer acquisition role for […]

Data-Driven Inbound Marketing Reports in Google Data-Studio

I recently started using Google Data Studio to create data-driven inbound marketing reports for select partners. It is similar to other reporting tools I have used in the past with a few benefits if you are already using Google products like Analytics, Adwords, & Search Console to analyze data. A couple of years ago I […]