Ricky Coburn is an entrepreneur, writer and designer. He is most noted for his contributions to the textile industry, having been a pioneer in sourcing and supplying recycled vintage textiles to buyers both on a domestic and international level. Under the pen name Milo, Coburn has developed information blogs, business plans and operations manuals for entrepreneurs starting their own business.

Coburn enjoys spending time in his organic gardens and teaching others how to grow their own food. He is responsible for a number of publications, design plans and information websites geared towards urban food production, nutrition and cultural integration. As an avid surfer and sailor Coburn has spent most of his life in beach communities throughout Southern California and Cost Rica.

Today Coburn works as a business consultant in a wide variety of concepts including creative direction and project management. Particularly interested in the digital world of product branding, through marketing, copywriting, design, production & development. In the natural world Coburn is focusing on crop diversification, conservation, nutrition, and cultural integration.

Specialties: XML, HTML, SEO, PHP, JavaScript, Copy Writer, Usability, CSS, WP Integration, Consulting, Aquaponics, Permiculture, Horticulture.

Lyndsey Coburn

Lyndsey Cobrun is a graphic designer that develops innovative photo treatments and type styles for new product campaigns. Skilled in website creative based on PHP and HTML. Gathers ideas for locations & wardrobe for upcoming photoshoots. Develops look and feel for print ad campaigns.

Lyndsey works with a team to concept and execute campaign based microsites, websites, social media profile pages, Vibrant media ads, rich media banners, standard Flash banners, Flash video control skins and welcome ads.

Lyndsey has no life right now other than work and being a full time mother of two kids under five. In her spare time, which isn’t much, she works on designing tropical flower arrangements and painting.
Specialties: Photoshop, Illustrator, PHP, HTML, Flash, Marketing, Print Media.