POPin is a crowd-sourcing platform that helps team leaders engage their employees with buy-in. POPIn brand ran a comprehensive campaign with Audience Segmentation, Click Funnels and Google Ads using Keyword targeting, resulting in a 85% increase in conversions and a 29X return on ad spend.




POPin’s mission is to connect people across the organization, no matter what their role is. They believe the best ideas can come from anywhere. By providing the tools for those ideas to bubble to the surface, organizations can make better, more informed decisions.



Target Engaged Audiences




POPIn teamed up with Ricky Coburn, a Full-Stack Marketing Consultant and Google Ads Partner, to develop its online B2B acquisition strategy. The aim was to move audiences from initial awareness to making a purchase by targeting them with relevant ads.

The team built Ad Campaigns that aligned to landing pages with targeted messaging. They used drip campaigns and display campaigns to continue to engage audiences throughout their buying journey.

The team then used third-party data to improve bid strategy and Ad placement improving overall campaign performance over a 16 month period. With data-driven strategies and real-time-bidding they were able to decrease the cost per click while increasing the conversions by running the most profitable campaigns.










B2B Segmented Campaign Marketing

The team took over an existing Adwords campaign that was not performing.
They restructured the entire account by building new campaigns, ad groups
and ads to target a new set of keywords. They continued to improve results
with a custom built reporting dashboard to build data-driven strategies and