The action sports apparel brand ran a comprehensive campaign with Audience
Segmentation, FB Click Funnels and Google Product Ads using strategic targeting,
resulting in a 76% increase in sales and a 9X return on ad spend.



Cut From A Different Cloth

Altamont inspires possibility in others by elevating
and upholding a tradition of rebellious expression,
as personified by those fearless artists and athletes
whose input is combined authentically. Each new
collection presents a candid snapshot of the rich
diversity of their ideas and influences.



Target Engaged Audiences




Altamont teamed up with Ricky Coburn, a Full-Stack Marketing Consultant and Facebook Marketing Partner, to develop its online shopping cart strategy. Along with Website Designer Sean Leonard, and Graphic Designer Jay Mitchell, the aim was to move audiences from initial awareness
to making a purchase by targeting them with relevant ads.

The team first used third-party aps to automate the shopping cart experience to upsell and cross sell users with intelligent product recommendations throughout the shopping cart experience. They next created drip email
campaigns and FB messenger campaigns to engage abandoned cart users.

The team then used third-party data to create a custom audience of people who have engaged with the online store in the past and took specific actions. It also created a lookalike audience based on this data.






Automated Marketing Messages

The team targeted its awareness-focused ads to a broad audience: people in
the US aged 18 or older with interests in different team athletes and action
sports, as well as its interest-based audiences and their lookalike counterpart.
They then used product remarketing ads with discounts towards segmented
audiences that took specific actions engaging them via multiple channels.